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Our lucky donation Recipients

Alan Earl

We donated this chair in 2012 to Alan Earl of North Carolina. Alan works for the Paralyzed Veterans of America in the sports and recreation branch, he travels all across america and does a incredible job for all the Veterans he serves.


Mike Delancy

Right out of high school Mike Delancy joined the Marine Corps. Mike was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines and had two tours in Afghanistan . Mike said, “ When we got there, we expected more gunfire and explosions. In reality, it took almost two months before anything happened. So we were on edge. But when it finally happened, it’s an adrenaline rush like you can’t describe.“ As the months crept on, Mike survived on one adrenaline-filled experience after another until his luck finally ran out on Sept. 1, 2006. During his second deployment in Haditha, Iraq Mike was shot by a sniper. The bullet hit the fifth and sixth vertebrae in his spine. It shattered his seventh vertebrae and then hit his right shoulder nerve, finally peppering his right lung. In an instant, he was rendered paralyzed. But you can't stop a Marine! Mike now runs the Wounded Warriors Abilities Ranch in Pinellas park Florida. Wounded Warriors Abilities Ranch


Thomas Bailey

Thomas joined the Navy in 1985. On July 23, 2006 Thomas's dove off a dock not knowing the water was very shallow. That accident broke his neck and doctor's told Thomas he would never walk or have full function of his hands and arms again. While training at the VA hospital Thomas was approached by a Service Officer for the Paralyzed Veterans of America.



Julie enlisted in the Army and was in the first Gulf War. Her exposure to all the smoke from the fires set by Saddam Hussein's regime lead to her disability. This chair was actually donated by Tacky Jack's, a local restaurant in Orange Beach. Tacky Jacks

Jody Shiflett

This wheelchair wasn't an actual formal donation but was gifted to Jody by our first recipient, Alan Earl. Alan recently moved to Nashville and far away from the beach. Rather than taking the chair with him, he gave it to Jody who would still be able to use it and enjoy the beach. Jody is a very worthy recipient having served as a U.S. Army Captain (1985-1994, Desert Shield and Desert Storm). Jody Shiflett was injured in a parachute combat training exercise in 1993, leaving him a paraplegic (T-12 injury). Since then, he has been an active member of the Paralyzed Veterans, connecting through its Mid-Atlantic Chapter in Virginia, to support the needs of fellow veterans as a proponent of sports and recreation rehabilitative therapy. Shiflett has directed the Paralyzed Veterans of America Racing Team for the past seven years, which requires him to travel all over the country, approximately 18 weeks out of the year. He is also the head official for the hand-cycling competition in the National Veterans Wheelchair Games. He lives in Virginia Beach, VA with his wife.



Stephen Bush

We donated this chair in 2013 to Stephen Bush of Tampa Florida. He was wounded overseas while serving in the Army. Stephen is also involved with the Paralyzed Veterans of America, he also does an amazing job helping our Veterans.


George E Vera

Master Sergeant George E. Vera entered the United States Army in June 1995. In April 2001, Vera entered the Special Forces Qualification Course. On his fifth tour to Afghanistan, during the first week of August 2015, a group of insurgents attempted to overrun the camp where Vera was assigned. Vera, along with a small group of others, repelled the enemy fighters, and killed them as they attempted to detonate a suicide vest. During the hour and a half long gun battle, Vera was shot four times and was severely wounded.


Geoff Hopkins

Geoff served 4 years active duty and decided he wanted to become a United States Army Officer. He left active duty and joined the Army Reserves in the fall of 1988 and was awaiting the spring semester of school and ROTC program at Marshall University in Huntington WV. Unfortunately one night while traveling home in September 1988 Hopkins incurred a motorcycle accident which left him with a T-6 spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury. Over the last 16 years Hopkins has been handcycling and racing for 5 years with the Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team. The three biggest accomplishments in handcycle racing included two bronze medals in 2 paracycling at national events and a bronze medal at the inaugural Invictus Games in London England hosted by His Royal Highness Prince Hanry of Wales.

Monica McVey

Moneca decided to join the Navy in 1988 when she was just 17 years old. Moneca went to boot camp in Orlando and then to "A" school in San Diego serving as a hospital corpsman. She was stationed aboard the USS Ingraham (FFG 61), USA Tarawa (LHA 1) and USS Dixon. Moneca was injured in a car accident early February 2005. Even with her disability, and being a single parent, she has managed to raise 3 children and get a degree in Mass Communications and Public Relations from USF.

Thomas Martineau

Thomas joined the Air Force at the age of eighteen and knew from day one that serving in the enlisted ranks was what he wanted to do with his life. Thomas was in an accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down and was medically discharged from the Air Force at the end of 2008. Thomas is now involved with
Team Red, White, and Blue.

If you would like to assist us in donating our next customized chair to one of our Paralyzed Veterans, please do so below.
Other Side of the Dunes



How the Donations Started

An old boot camp friend of mine named Eric Wooten, contacted me when he found out I was making Beach Wheelchairs. He asked if I would be willing to work with him on donating a wheelchair to a disabled Veteran; Eric raising the funds to cover the necessary parts and I donating the time and skills, to custom make the chair for whomever was selected. The suggestion sounded great, but in all honesty, I didn’t believe he would be able to come up with the funds for all the electronics, so I told him, “Sure, go ahead!” About 3 months later, Eric called again and said everyone had generously contributed, and all of the funds needed for the parts had been raised.
Now, this was during a period in my life when time was in high demand, I had just purchased my first home and was in the middle of fixing it up, I had a 60hr a week IT job, and my Father, my hero, was now in Hospice. So it goes without saying, that for the next couple months, I was struggling to find time to build and design and often worked well into the nights, trying to finish this chair and fulfill my promise.
My father passed away before the chair was completed; it was the last thing he saw me create. It was truly bitter sweet, giving a person a life changing gift, but not having my father, teacher and mentor, there to see it finished. Alan Earl was the recipient of this chair that Eric and I had collaborated on for so many months; donated to Alan in my Father’s memory.
A year later, Eric called again...I bet you know where this is going, and asked, if he raised the funds, could I build another chair. Well, at that moment, I was right in the middle of building two chairs for a company, interested it duplicating and mass producing them; Eric’s timing is impeccable. Eric wanted to donate this one on the Marine Corps birthday, which was only a couple months away. I really wasn’t sure if I could make the deadline. I tried explaining my time dilemma to Eric, the fact that the company I was making the other two chairs for wanted them ASAP, so the date he needed the chair completed by might not be feasible, Eric’s reply was simply, “Can you or can’t you do it, MARINE?” So having said that, my answer was, “See you in November."
Eric Wooten has now started a 501c3 charity Called Other Side of the Dunes for the soul purpose of raising money to help Veterans.
Other Side of the Dunes
Semper Fi